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A senior leading software house

Webmark Systems is a leading software house that offers organizational systems tailored to each organization according to its unique needs, procedures, and organizational structure. All systems we develop are based on an origami platform that allows easy and simple adaptation to every process and structure required.

Our systems are cloud-based and accessible as needed and authorized from anywhere, from any device and at any time and allow for rapid integration into any other existing system. The systems allow the addition of additional modules by the customer independently and all according to the needs of the organization.

Webmark Systems offers a complete solution to the customer through a built-in process of characterizing and analyzing the customer’s needs along with the professional team until a solution is tailored to the customer’s needs, launching the system, and guiding users with ongoing support.

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Webmark Solutions

Caliber Pro

Smart maintenance and efficient management of buildings

An information system that has been developed to address a wide range of needs and challenges related to the management of tasks and processes in the management and maintenance of buildings, production systems, and any mechanism that requires care and testing.

Supporter Pro

HelpDesk management, IT, and service centers

Supporter Pro is an information system that has been carefully designed to meet the day-to-day management needs and challenges of IT departments, service, and support centers.

Supporter allows you to manage every process of an inquiry, from any source – through all the possible process trees until you reach the end of the successful treatment. In addition, Supporter Pro knows how to recall delayed processes, open ongoing tasks, enable customers, and inquiries staffing to representatives, provide statistics, reports, and more.

In addition, Supporter Pro enables the quick and easy establishment of modules and processes that accurately meet the needs of the various service centers, as well as a complete adaptation of the interfaces to the unique working methods of each organization.

Softhouse Pro

Management system for software houses, IT companies and digital

Softhouse Pro provides a holistic software house management solution that allows custom integration with the system, bids and work, project planning and scheduling, actual implementation management, customer delivery, and ongoing digital asset maintenance.

In addition, Softhouse Pro enables the receiving of reports, load and project management, workload forecasts, creation of customer gents, and more.

Adjustments can be made to the unique work processes of each software house quickly and efficiently. Our system significantly saves the costs of multiple systems and allows all business operations to be centralized under one system.

The process of working with us


We will start by implementing the prepared module fitting your organization’s basic needs. This out of the box solution should already fit the majority if not all of your needs.

Layer 317


Next, customizations will take place. Our goal is to take the module from fitting most of your needs, to fitting all of your needs. It’s often those little adjustments that make a big difference.

automate workflows

Now let’s get you to work less and get more, therefore allowing you to spend your time on the things that really matter and make your day more efficient. We can add workflows to automate important procedures and flows your organization needs.

Managing dashboards

And lets not forget making the critical data easily accessible and analyzed, so you can see what’s going on, right now. Using our dashboards to allow each user to see relevant information, summarized and visual.


We work with

Among our clients are companies from different and varied industries, which allow us to create a very wide range of solutions for many organizational needs. We strive to act as a technology arm of every organization we work with and to be an integral part of the organization.


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