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Maintain smart and efficient operation and management of buildings, infrastructure, and equipment

Caliber Pro is an information system that has been developed to address a wide range of needs and challenges related to task management and management of buildings and maintenance of buildings, production systems, and any mechanism that requires care and testing.

The system enables the management of a variety of equipment items, permits, maintenance processes, calibration, preventive maintenance, fracture maintenance, and more. Beyond all the modules that come with the app, the Origami platform enables fast and intuitive construction of various modules according to the unique needs of the organization including adjusting the interfaces in a way that will reflect the principles and working methods of the organization.

The system's advantages

Modules and Features

Service call management system that enables readings, prioritization, sorting, performance tracking by role owners, customer tracking of calls, time tracking, and costs. Establishing goals and metrics and monitoring actual execution, producing reports on demand. Excellent tool for improving service and efficient management of foreign contractors

Monitoring and control of equipment in the building - inventory management, employees, suppliers, vehicle fleets, and complex systems. Monitoring the integrity of systems and inspections Safety systems: fire fighting, elevators, air conditioning, control of climate and humidity systems in laboratory rooms, calibration management

Various communication solutions with customers - sending text messages and emails automatically, dialing option from the system, video chat, and audio chat. An internal communication system that enables communication, chat, screen sharing and more directly from the system, integration option for WhatsApp for businesses, corporate chats and more

Customer portal for end-users such as tenants, employees, and more. Users log in to the system independently and enter the issue for treatment, Caliber Pro allows them to stay up to date and follow the handling of their request in real-time.

database management - activity history by customer, reports, documents, agreements, licenses, integration for telephony systems and pop up screens

Manage user permissions, document management, approvals, bids, and invoices.

Automate processes such as task routing, prioritizing calls and tasks, automated assignments, dynamic form management, task management, and performance tracking, times and costs

Interface to external APIs and various external systems such as HR, ERP, and CRM


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Among our clients are companies from different and varied industries, which allow us to create a very wide range of solutions for many organizational needs. We strive to act as a technology arm of every organization we work with and to be an integral part of the organization.


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